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“We transform emerging telco markets”

New entrants into high-growth telco markets traditionally need extensive infrastructure, technology, and financial resources. Eferio changes this by enabling new entrants with market leading technology and financing solutions.


Eferio is a technology and finance enabler. We focus on telecommunications and fintech on the African continent. We began our journey in Kenya and now start expanding to other countries, initially in East Africa.

We are a next generation connectivity provider, agnostic to the source of connectivity if the best service on the market can be delivered. Our mission is to enable mobile connectivity and digital transformation by building and supporting networks, IT infrastructure, and operations.

Our strategy is to build a group of network operators through roll-up mergers and a comprehensive application of revenue-based financing. We combine own infrastructure of 4-5G networks with already established Mobile Network Operators for national roaming on 2-4G networks.


In the near future, we will also provide on-the-ground (last mile) satellite 5G infrastructure. We offer innovations for eSIM and multi-brand operator technology. And over time, we will include fintech solutions which enhance the position of our telecom business.


As our core business, we offer a combination of strategic insight, end-to-end technology, market experience, and execution capacity. Through this we enable MNOs to run their local business of delivering voice, SMS, data, and other services to mobile subscribers.


Imagine the growth and prosperity of the African continent when every citizen will have the opportunity to enrich the life and future through reliable, fast, and affordable access to internet with a mobile-first or mobile-only strategy.


Eferio aims to enter 10 African markets by 2026 as the best provider of mobile connectivity with our disruptive financing model and building infrastructure for a fraction of the cost that our competitors do.


It is our belief that our business and technology operations are most successfully served by sourcing from leading global technology partners with deployment of country-specific knowledge and experience via local highly skilled personnel throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.


We manage our business with operational headquarter in Kenya, in parallel with legal and financial headquarter in Denmark.

Distinctive mobile-first approach

Africa has leapfrogged into a mobile-first world where most business and communication is done on mobile devices. The African informal network economy is more adaptable to digitalization than the rest of the world, making it possible to use mobile services in an effective way to launch new services.


The smartphone penetration in Africa is still low which is connected to the fact the 4-5G and real Internet is largely missing. With a device strategy hitting the right price point and with embedded services on the smartphones, Eferio can quickly win market share on our selected markets.


Size and growth of the market

Africa’s land area exceeds that of China, Europe, United States, and India combined.


With 55 sovereign countries, Africa’s collective population of approx. 1.2 billion is expected to more than double to approx. 2.5 billion over the next 30 years. This represents more than half of the total population growth in the world, with 80% of the growth to occur in cities.

Sub-Saharan Africa is the region with the highest growth rate in mobile subscriptions worldwide, growing from 340 million subscriptions in 2018 to 680 million subscriptions in 2024.



We are prospecting in the following ways:

Identifying established MNOs in underserved markets with great potential, were Eferio can acquire a majority ownership and win market share from other MNOs by implementing our strategy, concept, and technologies. We always aim for nationwide 4G and 5G spectrum and national satellite licenses.


Identifying green-field opportunities to start up MNOs, get spectrum, and implement our concept and technologies on underserved markets with great potential. We always aim for nationwide 4G and 5G spectrum and national satellite licenses.


Having an on-going process to identify opportunities in Africa that fit our criteria. This is done via our network of teams with people who have been working for MNOs, System Suppliers, and System Integrators around the African continent to make certain that risks and opportunities are tipping in the right direction.

Africa map.png


Eferio is currently projecting, building out, and setting up national mobile networks in East Africa. We estimate to launch our first networks during the second half of 2023.


Our network approach and strategy give us advantage in relation to competitors, and we aim to become the largest network on all markets we enter.


For more information about our projects, please contact us.

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